Used & Rebuilt Transmissions
Transmissions are the most complicated system in your car and our technicians have the experience, knowledge and expertise to diagnose transmission problems, repair or replace your transmisson.
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If you just need an oil change, an entire engine replaced or you have an electrical problem that is driving you crazy, our shop has the solution for your auto maintenance and repair needs.
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With literally hundreds of used and rebuilt transmissions ready to ship anywhere in the US, you can rest assured you are getting the right part and for the right price.

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Transmission Repair
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Used Transmissions
A Transmission Connects directly to the rear of the engine and transfers the energy from the engine to the drive shaft and then on to the wheels. It's normally underneath the center of the vehicle, except in the case of front-wheel drive, where it is part of the transaxle assembly, located on the rear and underneath the engine. 

Find your Used Transmission Now! 

Olympia Transmissions will help you find the best deal on quality Transmissions through our network of vendors that compete for your business. 

Olympia Automotive stocks a complete line of light, medium and heavy duty truck transmissions, both standard and automatic. Import standard and automatic truck transmissions are also a specialty. 

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